Monday, December 21, 2009

EEOC To Get More Resources

Employers beware: the EEOC is getting more ammunition to process and move along backlogged cases - $23 million worth.

The 2010 version of the omnibus appropriations bill, first passed in the House on December 10th and then the Senate on December 13th, would provide $23 million in funding to help the EEOC resolve more than 70,000 backlogged employment discrimination charges. The EEOC has reported that it experienced a 35% increase in the volume of backlogged cases, from 54,970 in 2007 to 73,951 in 2008. Combined with a record number of new discrimination complaints (95,402 - a 20% increase), the EEOC, with its current financing, is ill-equipped to meet the current volume of current and backlogged charges. At the same time, EEOC staffing has fallen 25% over the past decade.

So, while the EEOC may have taken several years to address and resolve complaints, expect a more expedited process in the future.

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